8 Ways Someone Can Ruin Your Day

Workplaces are generally a mix of all races and colors. It is a hub for different routines and different ways of solving problems. It is a place where a blend of individual personalities tries to coexist all at one time. And not always does one get able to get along with other people.

There are still people around who try to bug you. People who intentionally try to poke you and move you to an edge.

Some days it is easy to ignore such coworkers, but another few days, it seems hard just to roll an eye off.


Stated below are some relatable scenarios where your smooth-going day takes a ride downhill just because someone was not enjoying theirs.


Read ahead and keep counting on how many cases can you relate to.



1. A Coworker Who is an Athlete in Gossip:


YES! You got it! There are always a handful of people who love this sport of gossip. They gossip about everyone! The boss, fellow workers, office boy, or even the boss's cat does not get spared. Such colleagues are always in search of their next victim. And when the victim is you, that is when your happy day at the office gets at risk of being ruined.


These people can create things about you that never existed. They can marry you off or make you an imaginary divorcee. They can get you involved in WWE fights or even make you get involved with the boss.


The only way to fight off such leeches is to turn the tables around on them but in a positive way. You can return love for their hate and authentic conversations for their false gossip. If they do not take your light, simply just turn away from them.


But never do you ever return gossip with gossip! Na AAH, you are never going to win, and they will always be the winner in this sport. So, either return with love or directly with ignorance.



2. The Coworker Who Keeps Requesting to Do His Work:


Now that is a pain in the brain kind of situation when someone keeps putting up reasons for why they must leave early and all. I know we always have people around who intentionally just love being paid for free.


But having a kind heart or just feeling sorry for them is not enough reason to do their work and not even get paid for it. Some people might have authentic reasons sometimes to leave early too. But apart from that if someone asks you for this favor, just straight away say no!


Keep yourself out of this puddle, and do not say yes, not even for once. If they do not sound genuine, then there is no need to lift their hopes for the future as well. If you do it for once, they will keep coming back to you repeatedly. Do not be a sweet potato, in this case, be hot salsa (You know what I mean).



3. The Always Moaning Groaning Complaining One:


AAAH in the know, I know. Been there, and dealt with that. Our surroundings impact us in primary, significant ways. We can get influenced by people's energy so quickly that it renders our efficiency level too. Having a coworker who complains about EVERY SINGLE THING gets very annoying. The way they do not go along with even the tiniest specks of the office and its routines. They seem to be offended by the boss, the coworkers, the tea, and the sunlight!!


I mean they just come to the office to tell you how much they do not want to come there. Well, try distancing yourself from them. You do not want to hinder your productivity level just because of a random unhappy person. RIGHT?



4. Oh, Watch This Meme, This Cat Is So Funny:


Got my point?


The coworker keeps popping up with unproductive ideas of how not to work at the office. They keep bugging you with things unrelated to the office and the work. They want you to get your head out of the job you are being paid for and laugh at a random meme! I think such people are officially milestone hinderers. They involve you in random stuff and abide you from completing your assigned tasks.


Please report such people and do a favor to your office community. PLEASE!



5. Can You Help Me Out With This Task? *The One-Hundredth Time*


"No sorry. I cannot! I am not assigned for this, and this is not my task." This exactly is what you must say in answer to this statement.

These are the people who do not do their required homework and are always in search of *someone* who will come to their rescue.


They can bug you off to a point that your day gets ruined in seconds. I would suggest you talk straight to them in their face. Tell them that you cannot always help them out. You are not the person assigned this role in the office.


This surely will abide them from doing the same thing again.



6. The Flake – Someone Who is not Playing Their Role Well:


There will always be someone who will be late again! Who will submit their tasks after an hour or after a day or two? Someone who will send you emails starting with "So sorry I could not…". The one who thinks that doing their job partially is also kind of okay and can be tolerated. Having an accomplished day and suddenly someone popping up with incomplete work assigned to them is brutal to one's mood.


I know you do not want to be responsible for a flakes attitude. So, start acting. Start setting boundaries. Tell them about their flaws, then warn them and, if needed, just dispose of off. Hire new people but never let someone hinder your speed of work just because they are lazy and irresponsible.



7. I Know You Are Running Late, But Please Do This Asap:


This late call annoys workers a lot. Someone telling you to submit a particular task when you are about to leave for home is like "what"? Assigning someone a task super late just with a please in your statement is easy. But when you are the one in the position to submit the task, that is when the real trouble happens. People in offices majorly hate this attitude and this can ruin your day and the coffee you imagined while your way back home. And sadly, there is not much you can do about it. Because mostly the person asking you to submit the task at the last moment is above your rank at the office.


Hence in such situations, just keep your cool and try to focus on the positive aspects of the case. All in all, such claims can make you more trustworthy and can gain respect for your name in bosses' eyes!



8. "No, I Didn't Do This! You Did" – The Liars:


People who do not take responsibility for the things they did are like pricks in the eye. They can go to any measure and do any level of destruction and come off by simply not being responsible for it. Instead, they try to blame someone, and sometimes that someone is you! They can ruin your reputation and can involve you in serious issues, which might lead you to risk your job and your future.


Not being involved in such people's air is my take on it. Stay away and stay far, as much as possible. Now, like they are being in the office door and you are in the opposite far window. I hope you got my point. We are going to offices to primarily do our job and earn and secondarily to build healthy relationships. Not the ones that destroy everything that you have or might have. So, beware of such people and do not indulge yourselves in their affairs.




Case Scenario of a Warehouse Environment:


Now let us take a peeping eye into a warehouse scenario. A place just like a workplace where people are linked to one another. Where everyone is a part of the chain and is contributing to the maximum. If in such a place you get to be with troublemakers. People who are always head over heels to ruin your day then can be quite troublesome.


If someone does not do his task correctly and drops the blame on you. Or if the products being manufactured get the wrong way out and pointed fingers turn at you. Or a random gossip gets associated with you! Such things can affect your reputation and can go a long way in the wrong turn.


One must always be attentive towards such bad influences and must try one is best to carry a happy career and a brighter future.

I hope that itchy coworker of yours gets his brain treated soon.




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