There is a considerable difference between the two terms "boss" and "leader." If you think both have the same meaning, then you are wrong. Being a boss and a leader are two different things, and you can't match them as well.

Although both have the same responsibilities, when it comes to ethical values, both have a different point of view. Treating the employees in a better way, guiding them on how to work in a hectic situation, assigning them the task, both have different ways of handling such cases.

In an age of uncertainty, everyone is trying to keep their position safe, so it can be difficult to judge who is being bossy and how is trying to be a leader.

So how you can find the difference between a boss and a leader? Don't worry because, in this article, I will point out some things that will help you to understand the difference between a boss and a leader. 


Differences between a boss and a leader

Here are some characteristics that will help you define the difference between a boss and a leader.

If you are working in an office and don't know how to judge a boss and a leader, then these key points will help you to get a better idea. 


  1. Boss push and leader lead

As we all know, bosses talk more than they listen. When it comes to leading, they always tend to push employees into a difficult situation so they can handle the work on their own. They will put you in a situation where you have to decide on your own.

On the other hand, true leaders listen more than they talk. A true leader always tries to solve issues of employees and guide them better in a difficult situation. This is the best example of a joyful workplace. 


  1. A Boss criticizes, and a leader encourages

Boss is always there to criticize you for the work you do. Even if you have put all your efforts, the boss will try to find mistakes rather than appreciating you. Constructive criticism is essential when it comes to improvement, but if you are being trolled for your work all the time, then it's your manager who is trying to put you down.

On the other hand, a true leader is always there for you and encourages you for the work you do. Whether it's a big project or a small one, a true leader will appreciate you so you can perform better. This is also the best way to inspire you to do more work. 


  1. A Boss directs you and a leader coaches you

Behind every successful project, there is a great leader. A leader will always coach you and will make sure you can perform better. Meanwhile, a boss will direct you and will ask you to do what he says. Coaches help their team to perform well, even in a worse situation. On the other hand, bosses will not guide you or help you. 


  1. A Boss put blames on you, and a leader takes responsibilities

No one will take responsibility for project failure rather than a leader. A true leader will be there for you to take responsibility. While a boss will put all the blame on you even if it’s not your mistake. 


Final Verdict

When it comes to handling the organization being a strict boss is not a bad thing, but different studies show that if you want your employees to work better, then you must act like a leader. Vision and inspiration create better organization, and for that, employees need a leader, not a boss. If you want to create a positive impact, then don’t be a boss, be a leader.



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