Don't Quit Your Job

There is a very common saying: 'people do not quit their jobs, they quit their managers.' This stands true to date and resonates with almost every employee working in this world.


While you could love your job, a bad manager can end up ruining your work hours and even make you consider leaving a great job for another opportunity.


Coming across and getting stuck with a bad manager is a common thing and it is not something that should make you leave your job.

Here are some of the things you can do instead of leaving your job because of a bad manager:


  • Constantly remind yourself of how much you love your job - You can like your job for a variety of different reasons. Maybe it’s closer to your home or your cabin is just right and everything you ever wanted. If you have everything that you wished for in your dream job but a bad manager is making things tough for you, constantly remind yourself why you love your job. Your manager can be replaced but if you stick around for other reasons, it can be quite rewarding in the long run. This can be implemented by pasting sticky notes or maintaining a diary. 


  • Wait For A While - While it may seem difficult to pass every single day working in a toxic environment with your bad manager, it is necessary to remind yourself that it is temporary. Managers get transferred to a different department or leave their current jobs for better opportunities. In that case, you can also get a promotion and become a manager if you just pay your dues. 


  • Speak With Human Resources  - The human resource department in your office exists to solve your queries and it is necessary to tell them when you are facing an issue. Instead of your quitting your job, you can talk to your HR department in secrecy and tell them about the issues you are facing. This way you may get to work independently or action can be taken against your boss for his wrongdoings.

  • Open Lines Of Communication - Communication is necessary for every relationship whether it is personal or professional. Instead of taking a radical step, you can just talk to your manager and tell him about the issues that you are facing with his behavior. In the best-case scenario, your manager might be looking for feedback from his employees.

  • The One-On-One Meetings - Every company has a one-on-one meeting between the employees and the managers. In this meeting, you are asked to be honest and open about the issues you face with your work life. Try to make the most out of these meetings and convey your issues to your boss or higher managers.



Getting the job of your dreams is rare and must not be taken for granted. There are always issues that you can face in any situation and you must learn to fight through them instead of quitting. If you are facing issues with your manager, we recommend following the steps above and taking firm action instead of abandoning your job.




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