How To Promote Joyful Workplaces?


Are you tired of that gloomy vibe that always surrounds your workplace? Maybe you lack vitamin Joy at your workplace. Happy employees are what can drive more success and turnarounds. Happy employees are innovative, creative, and dedicated to their work and the company they work for compared to unhappy ones. And they are a lot more likely to stick around over a longer period. Even small gestures such as saying 'thank you’ can also go a long way in their career.

Sounds too good to be true? Most studies and many workplaces show that happiness has a direct influence and relation to the business bottom line. Especially the cost of disengagement. HBR explains that engagement in work directly related to feeling secure, valued, respected, and supported is mostly negatively linked to high stress and cut-through culture.


Going ahead, the research also explains that workers that are disengaged had:


  • 60% more errors and faults in their work

  • 49% more accidents

  • 37% more absenteeism


If you don't want to see such a culture in your company, you must focus on the brighter side of how you can bring joy to your workplace. This will make your employees work more diligently and be focused on what they are assigned. 


1. Have workplace appreciation:

Appreciation is the key ingredient to bringing the best out of any of your employees. Whenever they appreciate something, they do good, they will next time come up with something better. If you appreciate them for the effort they put into something that failed, they will work even better to do it right next. So, appreciation is the first ingredient that you must install in your company and workplaces. 


2. Host engaging team-building events:

Organizing team-building events where your employees play and laugh together and solve issues together ends up going a long way. Such events can be fruitful for you for a long time, and you will be able to see how your employees evolved into each other during such events. This builds collaboration and teamwork. 


3. Show care:

The more you show care towards your employees, the more personally they will take their work. Developing sincerity for your company among your employees will help you in many ways. You will be able to make the best out of the team you have and keep them happy. You can do so by remembering their special days, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and reminding them that you remembered them well. Doing a little extra will help you build a relationship of trust and personal ties among your team members. 


4. Greet with positivity:

No one has to enter a room full of employees and show grumpiness towards them. This gives nothing in return. Instead, you should try saying a simple hello and greeting other people with love and positivity. No matter where your company is heading, if you are making things positive, they will steer towards positivity after all. 


5. Recognize people:

Feeling underappreciated has been the top reason for Americans to leave their jobs. This huge factor cannot be ignored by any means. It would help if you kept this in mind and make your managers and leaders of the company know that appreciating your team workers will not bring any loss. You can use creative ways to start appreciating your employees, such as sticking a sticky to their chairs once they do well in their work. This will always remind them that they are worthy and appreciated assets to their company. 


6. Make work fulfilling:

All of your employees want to know that whatever they are being assigned is something that matters. To make your team members feel good about their work, they need to understand its mission and purpose completely. Give a rundown on what every department does and why it does so. When the employees see the inner workings from each angle and perspective, they feel a lot better connected to the business and hence more committed to making this a success. 


7. Let them breathe:

When you have a workforce working under you, you must know that humans are just like you. You cannot force them to do more than they can do in a day. Give them due holidays and pay them well for the work they do. Your employees need to be happy in their personal lives to give their best at work. This is the golden rule by which each organization that reaches success sticks.



8. Encourage workplace wellness:


As living a good life has now become integrated into people's daily lives, working professionals are only just hoping that their employees give wellness practices in the workplace. Whether through physical exercise, food, or other mindful tactics, bringing wellness is a remarkable idea. 


9. Hire happy people:

Though it may seem impossible and ridiculous to practice, happy people are always radiating happiness. They can instill happiness among the people around them. When you are hiring new people, you can try having those that are well with humor and can make others feel active and full of life. 


10. Refrain from micromanaging:

Employees made to feel trusted and supported with that hovering third eye on them are a lot more confident and relaxed in their positions. If your employees constantly feel under their boss's eyes, they may keep making errors as being watched over can startle anyone. Hence try trusting your employees and letting them bring out the best in you. 

These were the ten golden rules or tips to promote a healthy workplace that is happy and continuously achieves success.
Are you ready to practice these rules in your daily life at work and bring on success to your employees and your company?




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