Insulting your employee and disrespecting them is considered an offensive act.

Such maltreatment is called employee abuse.

Many workers have to face this abuse despite working 9 to 5 and even more. They give their hard to make both ends meet and to work with all their honesty and loyalty, but the bossy and aggressive nature of their heads do not let them take a sigh of peace.

So in what ways managers and supervisors maltreat their employees in their workplaces?

- The Supervisors and managers remind them periodically that they can be

-They insult them in front of others.

- They don’t bother to listen to them after they have made a decision.

=They get angry for the employees’ appreciated ideas which they were thinking to take credit of.

-They exclude them from the meetings and prefer their favorite employees.

-They give their juniors reviews according to their own opinions about them.

-They always discourage them, and sometimes they
even physically abuse their employees. 

Many people don’t compromise, leave it all and move out while on the contrary, 
some workers bear it all under financial pressures. Let us have a detailed discussion
on what kind of behaviors do such employees have to face and how they are treated.


Employer Abuse 

Many workers have to face maltreatment and aggressiveness of their boss at their working
places. This becomes intolerable when such behavior exceeds a specific limit. Either they are
verbally insulted or physically. Most commonly, we call it Employer Abuse.
How managers and supervisors maltreat their employees in their workplaces?
It is the game of power where one abuses the other if it has potential. Same situation we get
to see at many workplaces where employees are mistreated despite their obedience and
faithfulness. Workers may be either males or females. When it comes to ego, no one can
convince them. This is the reason, it is always said to stay behind the principle of “Boss is
always right” to be on a safer side. 

Violent behavior 

The most frequently observed symptom of maltreatment from managers/supervisors
towards their employees is that they show their bossy attitude and often threat them of
firing or complaining falsely to the Boss. They are verbally offensive with the workers and
discriminate or do favoritism based on religion, color, caste, etc.
The violence may exceed to physical abuse as well like throwing things out of anger,
rejecting work without even seeing and shouting irrelevant on employees.



Males or females, both have to face the problematic treatment of harassment, but in most
cases, it’s females! They have to face harassment and bear everything in helplessness due to
financial problems and fear to lose the job, and at that time, the supervisors take all the
advantage and become a barrier in front of their promotion, making them uncomfortable
and humiliated. 

Professional Jealousy 

Sometimes, it happens that junior employees are way more intelligent and hard-working as
compared to their seniors. But due to less experience, they are ranked lower. Senior
employees take advantage of this and try to keep juniors under their authority by degrading
them in different matters.
This includes humiliating and insulting junior employees even if they are right. Their ego
doesn’t allow them to appreciate others, and they act clever. They aren’t even ashamed of
conveying wrong information to authorities out of professional jealousy and maltreat their
juniors for the work they should be appreciated for. 


Every human on this Earth deserves respect and expect humanly treatment if they are sincere with their work. Even if they don't work seriously and devotedly, nobody is allowed to maltreat anyone. 

The best way to avoid such circumstances is to stay quite and calm and keep trying to convice the supervisor with the goodness of their character. The employee may also act clever and play the game backward. 

Managers maltreating their employees.