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    Are you working in an office setting that feels too gloomy or not fun at all most of the time? This is mainly because of the actions of people working in that surrounding. You may think people above you are responsible for this havoc, but maybe you are the culprit. 

     Workplace happiness is something that many employees want to have. But at the same time, these people don't change themselves and end up being the cause of workplace stress. So if you are an employee and are doing one of the following things, then maybe it is time now that you stop and help improve the workplace environment. 


    1. Being Unsupportive:  If you are not supportive of your fellow employees and are discouraging them from being better or doing better, you are sorry to say that you are the toxic one. To cut out this habit, start putting yourself in the place of not being supported. You now know how that feels, right? So try supporting the little things people do and try spreading out a positive vibe out to your fellow employees. 


    1. Being Lazy:  When office work gets delayed, the stressful vibe spreads out to everyone. Each person in your workplace is affected when you are delaying tasks assigned to you. This also makes everyone feel sad and stressed. Hence try being active and fulfilling your assigned tasks and also reporting your status. 


    1. Unfulfilling Role:  If you assign roles to your subordinates that aren't fulfilling to them, you are the cause of spreading stress and anxiousness in the room. Know your subordinates and give them tasks that they can fulfill. 


    1. Not Being Regular:  Regularity is the core principle of workplaces, and by no means it should be avoided. Make sure you are always regular and punctual so that you are giving out an example of following office rules and letting others enjoy a sound office schedule. 


    1. Taking Too Much On Yourself:  If you are an efficient employee but aren't mostly happy, maybe you can change yourself for good. You are always doing much, and that is often more than you can do. Whenever you are taking more than you can do in a day, you are either completing your tasks under stress or completing them after the deadlines. This causes a feeling of unjoyfulness in the workplace. Hence whenever you are taking too much, try keeping a limit and having only as much as you can handle in the given time.

    Workplaces need not always be stressful and unjoyful. If every individual in the workplace tries his/her best, improvements can be brought, and things can be changed. Try seeing your fellow employees as your friends and family. Try building up a connection with them and rejoicing little moments of ease with them. This way with time, you will see many positive changes in your office surroundings. A joyful environment will help you be more productive and joyful.


    1. How Employees Can Promote Joyful Workplaces:  Being in any workplace can be fun and not so fun as well. It can all be based on how and what you are doing in the office or your workplace. Even though you may not realize but you may be the cause of stress in your office, you can bring a major change in how people feel in the workplace by doing the following things. 


    1. Deliver Praise And Recognition:  Did you ever know that feeling unappreciated is at this moment the top reason of why people are quitting their jobs in America? It is so true and the same for the rest of the world. You can bring change by creating a system that makes it easy. You can start doing interacting ways of appreciating each other, nonetheless of their job roles.

    You can hold up meetings where every employee or team member has to appreciate someone else for the past week or month. Appreciation can go a long way in your workplace and can improve productivity levels. 


    1. Make Work Fulfilling:  Nobody wants to be feeling their work is unimportant. To make work fulfilling, you should first have to know the reason and purpose of your organization. Why is it operating and why was it first made. What is the main purpose that your company is serving and who do you help while working? Once you can answer these questions, you will be able to map on how every individual can contribute to help drive the company's main cause and be closer to achieving its purpose. You can actually write down and illustrate that every team member's role is important for the company to complete its purpose. 


    1. Offer Perks:  If you think that paying people more is the main way of achieving workplace happiness, you must think again. This is highly true for millennial workers who view compensation as more of a threshold than a scorecard. Perks improve the overall quality of life and show that your company cares about its employees. These things include health and wellness programs, unlimited vacation, and child care. 


    1. Invest In Your Team's Growth, Both Personal And Professional:  Personal development is the basic need of all of us, and employees need to keep growing to feel fulfilled constantly. When employees feel stagnant, that is when most start scrolling through other job boards to find a better position in another company. Many top companies are taking the following measures:

    • Subsidize education for team members that want to take classes, buy online courses, or attend an industry conference to boost their skills

    • Host learns and lunch where the team members present over topics that they are passionate about 

    • Start a book club or source a library

    Launch a whole company-wide Individual Development Plan where employees can develop four personal and four professional goals that they wish to achieve during the end of the year. 


    1. Throw Fun Events That Let People To Interact And Bond: Having friends at work makes going to offices a lot more fun. It helps in the creation of a sense that you and your colleges are into something together. Having ongoing fun events gives your team a chance to connect with coworkers over a personal level.



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